Hello. Anyone who are want to organize a contest or giveaway and want US which
is Pretty Pop to sponsor the prize well you guys are very welcome here :)

But here few conditions that you guys must have before we can sponsor you!

1. Your blog must have more than 3,000 followers.
2. You are 18 years old and above.
3. The contest/giveaway does not start yet.
4. The giveaway/contest must be held in your blog not any other social network.
5. UV (unique visitor/day) must be more or equal to 1,000/day .
- please give me the print screen of your UV, if you are on nuffnang, just print screen it from the analytic bar.
- If you are do not have nuffnang, please print screen from your blogspot dashboard stat.

and if you have all that I require, please email me at diannaprettypop@gmail.com :

Name :
Blog url :
Contest duration :
Followers :
Print screen of UV :

Well, you want something free, you work for it! Im tired giving people free items but does not have anything in return.