Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Information about delivery!

Hey everyone. this is bad news. im sorry. :(
alright for those who order and i did mention them their ETA is on 15th Feb, im so sorry
your items are not here yet, everything will reach me tomorrow (17th Feb). its because we
got branded items (nike heels) in the same shipment and its stuck at the custom!
Im sorry, im sorry. but worry not, already called our delivery guy and tomorrow all your
parcels will safely reach me and i will ASAP deliver them to you guys. so, maybe you guys
will receive it on Sunday (if they are working in your area), Monday or Tuesday. 

This announcement only for those people who I did mention their ETA is on 15th Feb.
Other than that, your parcel will receive on the right time as I mention. :)

please please email/sms/bbm me if you got anything to ask.
here you can contact me : CONTACT PRETTY POP

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